The O-LIVE story began when Cedric Jaffe, an avid and eager wannabe Chef, discovered an ancient Greek recipe for curing and processing Olives. Years of experimentation and tastings have led to the current range of delicious olive products.

The first step was to find sufficient premium quality Olives from local sources of supply. This he achieved after several trips around the Western Cape and other Olive growing regions.  Olives are sourced from a small group of Olive groves in the Breede River Valley and the Malmesbury area, including from the Olive groves on the Graham Beck wine estates.

The Olives

The Olives are cured, processed and bottled by hand, in the O-LIVE factory in Raedene, Johannesburg.

Olives are bottled, either in O-LIVE’S own Extra Fine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Oryx Kalahari Salt which is renewable and sustainable and supports local producers.  Olives are bottled either as Plain Kalamata, Nocellara or Jumbo Green Olives or, in various combinations of herbs and spices.

It is important to note that every single ingredient used is totally natural and no preservatives of any kind are employed.

PS:  O-Live Olives don’t have to be refrigerated after opening and have an exceptionally long shelf life as long as they are kept moist and are not exposed to heat.