O-LIVE Olive Oil is made from three cultivars of green Olives, which Cedric personally selects from three different estates, all situated in the Western Cape.

At the pressing plant, only the very first cold pressing of the Olives is accepted, resulting in an exceptionally smooth Extra Fine, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil.  This exceptional oil is then lightly filtered and shipped to the factory in Johannesburg, where it is bottled and packed.

O-Live is dedicated to distributing its bottled products through niche market retailers such as delis and specialist foodstores, and we simply loooove  sharing our products at carefully selected whole food and natural food markets too.

Mass market distribution is not on the cards as this would require mass production, which it is feared, would lead to a compromise in the quality of O-Live’s olives.

Bulk olives and Olive Oil are sold to specialist retailers and to the hospitality industry where they enjoy acclaim as a natural alternative to commercially produced products.

Our olives are bottled in Himalayan Rock Salt Brine or Extra Fine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Kalamata and Nocellara Olives are packed in jars of 100g, 210g, 425g or 840g.

Jumbo Green Olives (when available) are packed in jars of 425g and 840g

Bulk Olives (minimum order 10kg)

Bulk Olive Oil (minimum order 10l)

Kalamata / Mission Olives (black)

  • In Brine: Plain salty; Garlic and mixed Herbs; Chilli, Juniper Berries & Peppadew
  • In Olive Oil: Chilli; with Bulgarian Feta cheese; Chilli and Feta; Chilli Juniper Berries & Peppadew;  Atchar; or with garlic and mixed herbs.
  • Tapenade in 250g jars

Nocellara Olives (green)

  • In Brine: with mixed Italian Herbs; with lemon and mixed Italian Herbs
  • In Olive Oil: With Bulgarian Feta cheese; with mixed Italian Herbs; with lemon and mixed Italian herbs

Jumbo Green Olives

  • Plain; salty in brine

Mixed Kalamata and Nocellara Olives

  • With lemon and selected herbs in Olive Oil

Extra Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

  • Bottled in 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml and 1L bottles.

Corporate Gift Packs

  • Can be made up to the customer’s requirements comprising olives, olive oil, chocolates and/or wine.

And our latest addition…  Olive Infused Chocolates!

Our exciting flavours include:

See you at the Market!